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October 9, 2007
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Alliance MTV-106 Shriker by mikecharles Alliance MTV-106 Shriker by mikecharles
The MTV-106 Shriker or Multi-Purpose,Terrain Vehicle, was designed on the concept of applying Hardshell technology with that of a light scout unit. The MTV-106 is a vey unique vehicle in that it intergrates a high-speed wheeled vehicle with limited HS functions. The Shriker's main mission is that of advanced forward observer and target designation unit. It performs above par in those areas, but due to infield modifications it was discovered that it was a perfect platform for Hardshell and standard sniper missions. The forward wheels are mounted on arm-like appendages that allow the Shriker a high rate of agility and allows the wheels to rotate 90 degrees at the wrist joint.

The standard MTV-106 (shown) is armed with a 20mm forward mounted vulcan with a payload of 400 caseless round, the cannon can move 30 degrees from right to left and up and down. The faux exhaust pipe are in reality mini-RPG launchers and flare and chaff dispensers. The MTV-106 can carry an additional 1800lbs ( 1000lbs on the rear platform and 400lbs on each arm). The sniper variation is equipped with a 30mm rail-cannon with a payload of 15 sabot style HEAP (High,Explosive,Armor,Penetration) rounds.

The most noted variations of the Shriker are the "Scopedogs" used by the Recon Corp and the Mobile Infantry forward observer units and advance scout teams, and the "Shell Crackers" HS sniper variation used by the Recon Corp heavy sniper units and the MI Rangers heavy sniper teams.

The MTV-106 shown belongs to the 21st Infantry Corp, 116 Scout Squadron of the 1st Battlion.

MTV pilot shown for scale.
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It's a bit wee close to the Batmobile but I'll pretend I didn't say it. lol...


:skull: "Behold the Awesum Powwaa of the Mechanical Lead" :skull:

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KaiDiAlexender Oct 1, 2008
Wow, really did put in alot of effort in making out those tiny details and lines didn't you?

Nice work.
thanx. that' just how i work.
Sweet, well now i know what i want for Christmas... kinda reminds me of the tumbler from batman begins
thanx. and i did get a few ideas from there.
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